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Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really Good

This game is great, no doubt about that but there are some major things that need to change. Getting knocked into space is really annoying. Also, the fact that enemies ONLY attack you is a major problem. They're clearly separate teams so why do they only attack us? only Chuck Norris knows the answer. Also, a few money issues came into play here too. The health remaining money payout is way to iffy, as in once you max out one or two people, you can earn more money to max out another soldier, then wash rinse and repeat, 'till you get everyone maxed out and you earn >12000$ a game. Not good, specifically when you can max everything out after he first few levels. Also, the enemy troops have way to good of accuracy. They could loop it in and around planets ten times the hit one of my soldiers clear on the other side of the map, making it hard for me to hit them back at the early levels. And they often accidentally committed suicide. However entertaining that may be, they shouldn't be able to do that. HOWEVER, the game has great physics, great animation, art, game-play, concept, leveling up system, music, weapons, and more. this game has a lot to offer, but it just needs some touch-ups.

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Liquid Measure 2 Liquid Measure 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Still can be better.

After the sequel, this is amazing. teh graphics are better and mechanics are great. That said, we're comparing to the original. Other pipe mazes have done better, but you added new mechanics. However, i still think that some of the levels are too hard in comparison to levels before. I think that at level 12 or so, the difficulty skyrockets. I still got to level 25, but i cant get past it. The level progression was great until level 12. Afterwards, i wanted to quit. not good. All in all, its good. I would like to see another, but it still can be better. Try watching playtesters play through the game and see when they get frustrated or confused. Then edit the level. Still a good game, still could be better.

Truck Toss Truck Toss

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bear = Dead!

This is a great game. The concept is better than most "tossing" games. It gives you a better feeling of control. I also enjoyed the powerups. The kept things exiting and interesting as you progressed. However, i can't ignore the different cars. I like the whole idea that you level up in a way by purchasing new cars, but i feel that it was a choice that shouldve been left out. I personaly think that a a stat system wouldve worked better. As in a you level up different traits (like speed, acceleration, etc.) seperatly than a whole. Also, as much as i enjoyed driving, as polished an smooth as it was, i didnt feel like playing a good five minute section at a time. It (IMO) couldve been cut down. And some small touches could make the game a lot better to. Better graphics, animation, and some mechanics improved or removed could make this game a solid ten. I can't wait for the sequel.

Solipskier Solipskier

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Good.

Very simple concept, but still addicting. Kind of like a line-rider to the extreme. No glitches that i know of. Only complaint is that once you get over 86 miles per hour, you lose the music, and all you have to do is high jumps. Just loses all skill. I still like it. Maybe levels? that would be nice. Very good jod.

Balloon Blenderoma Balloon Blenderoma

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


First, i like your spin on the game. Its original and fun. The graphics arent terrible, and the night day is a cool touch. However, there is no destination. The whole point is to beet the game in as few days as possible, but i maxed out everything and still could not get to the end of the runway. Also, acheivements would be really cool too. I think you could do a lot more in maybe an update. Musics fine, i didn't mute it.
also, i think the power ups need to be more balanced. Like the propeller. The last two upgrades made almost no difference. Just follow sequel 101. Keep the good, scrap the bad, add new elements.

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Perfect Detonation Perfect Detonation

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Cant say anything new.

Well, i have already read the other two reveiws about this game, and they just about summed it up. Only thing i can see is a few glitches that happen. One is the mission failure can happen, the bomb then explodes, then resets the level. The other is that if the nuke is not parallel to the bomb, itt explodes, but the nuke stays on the screen. Add some different elements.

Blox! Blox!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Game.

First off, i love these kinds of games. I like your own twist on it, too. This game incorporates lots of different mechanics that i haven't seen before. Like the phisics and health are great touches on the formula. Only complaints is that some of the powerups were brutal, or not balanced. My only suggestion is that you watch people play and record how the powerups affect them and the gameplay. Also, the health drops too fast. Again, my only suggestion is adding a recovery system (not powerup, allways recovering), and watching people play it. BUT this still is an amazing game. Just a few cool touches, like have levels, and maybe have levels w/ physics and w/out physics. Graphics are solid, but could use a few touch ups. Love the game. Keep it up.

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Gem Golf Gem Golf

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's good...

It is a good game, but (yes, i know that everyone hates that word) it does feel a bit repetitive, and sometimes the power level was a bit tricky to work with ( eg, I had it on max power and it fires across the screen but then i moved it down a notch and it barely went anywhere). But the concept of 2d-physics golf is really good. I do like how you allways have that temptation of just shooting it in the hole but you WANT to get the gems, hence the name. great replay value, with the wanting to beat your score and the what-not. OK, just a few things and this could be a really really good game.

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Take a Walk. Take a Walk.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game

Definetly a solid game. Not that many music platformers out there so this is really in a way unique. I do feel that it gets repetitive at times, allways good for a sequel. I like the way you incorperated the jump mechanic into the game. Good, solid game.

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Commie Cannon Commie Cannon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good Music, Good Try.

When i turned it on, i was almost shaking with anticipation for what was in store for me. I love pixel games and this looked and sounded awesome. I started and the soundtrack swept me in. I saw the standard HUD and enemies. I loved the simple point and click controls. But after awhile, i noticed that i wasn't getting anything new. I would just sit there and shoot at the same things. No levels, no story, no power-ups, just point, click, point, click, point, click, miss, click again. Just tedious, that's all. I kept noticing that i couldn't move either. When i was about to get hit, i would shoot straight up and hit the pixel coming at me. Being a game designer, I know that difficulty is the hardest thing to balance. I saw too much easy here. It did get a bit harder later, but you could just shoot in one direction the entire time ad still win, if you could win. Final point, upgrade difficulty (maybe put in difficulty settings?), more enemies, levels, upgrades, story, powerups, and the ability to move around, and your set. 6/10 For good, music, solid mechanics, tedious gameplay, difficulty being unbalanced, and good pixel graphics.

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