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2010-10-06 17:22:52 by soopergamerdude

made a new song- Super Piano World! Piano remix of super mario world's main theme. Check it out!


2010-09-22 20:40:54 by soopergamerdude

Just got the new XBOX 360 SLIM!!!!

New music!

2010-09-13 22:18:50 by soopergamerdude

Got a few new songs, check em out!

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2010-08-15 21:32:55 by soopergamerdude

Hey, uploaded a few new songs. getting better with FL. Hope Everyone likes it! Happy clock day.


2010-07-31 00:28:00 by soopergamerdude

Here it is, the only newgrounds account that only does music (until further notice). Yeah, I don't have enough money for CS3 so i'm stuck with just music, sorry. (yes, i know that my name is soopergamerdude and i do like to make games and movies but i don't have the money for the software.) But i am working with FL and Audacity but otherwise i have nothing to live for. Just a little bit about me- I play piano, drums, and guitar, have a wii and a DSi (not the dsi XL, check out my hate video on YOUTUBE!!!), love making songs, most of which are remixes of older songs, love rock and techno and adore 8 and 32 bit music so i make a lot of that, NINTENDO FREAK, and secretly terrified of balloon animals. If you want me to remix something just PM me and ill get back to you.